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Higher expectations

Propelling students forward.

We're about youth.
We help students ages 5 to 18 succeed through a proven model that integrates creative experiences and social-emotional learning.
We’re about culture.
We proudly represent Saint Paul’s African American community with a rich tapestry of family, heritage, and backgrounds.
We’re about empowerment.
We encourage each student to realize their full potential as they propel their lives forward.
30K is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the next generation of changemakers.

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Learning through doing: We offer hands-on, project-based learning to engage and inspire students of all levels and backgrounds.
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Collaborating is key: We work with schools, public institutions, and businesses to secure resources that enhance students’ learning opportunities.
Making an impact

Measurement matters: We use student progress reports, parent surveys, and third-party research evaluations to show our success in student achievement.


Average increase in GPA


Average decrease in school suspensions


Average number of Tech Geeks jobs going to teens with a criminal record


Average increase in improved school attendance

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Help us reach new heights: Together, we’re creating boundless learning opportunities and shaping a vibrant cultural community for Saint Paul’s youth.