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Education from a fresh perspective

Our programs offer hands-on, project-based experiences infused with arts and culture to reach students in ways traditional teaching might not. At 30K, we inspire African American youth by giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and their endless potential.

What we offer:

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academic support
Special guest art workshops. Increase literary proficiency.
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For students seeking employment, we introduce African American teens to computer science through practical tech education and job opportunities.
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Connect aspiring artists with professional teachers to harness their talent.
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Arts & Literacy Summer
Teaching Artists help increase student’s ability to connect with traditional learning material.
What happens when schools out?

After school Program

When: Oct – May Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-5:30

Who: Artistic Kindergarten to 3rd graders who wish to improve their reading skills .

Summer Program

When: June – July

Who: Artistic Kindergarten to 5th graders who wish to improve their reading skills

What we do:

30K’s out of school program is an academic support extension that provides culturally appropriate assistance to K-5 students from over 20  schools. While our programming is diverse, art serves as the central access point for approaching each student’s developmental process.

We have transitioned our programs to operate as hybrid (in person & online) in response to accommodate COVID-19 and other illnesses.

We also coordinate and host parent nights to learn how we can provide more community support.

Enhance your children’s learning with the 30k community!

Our staff meets with students 1:1’s small group tutoring and they are regularly assessed. Social and emotional development check-ins take place and students are encouraged to operate as their best selves to earn field trips as incentives.

Fun games, snacks, transportation, free field trips too!


We strive to improve reading and literacy skills to students from grades kindergarten to third grade. The lessons that the after school academic support teachers provide focus more on literacy and reading improvement comprehension skills. Those skills are attributed to lessons that are based on the following:


Kindergarten and 1st grade


  • Phonics

  • Letter recognition by both sight and sound

  • Find favorite books from what was read in during the school year and and read similar books

  • Make connections while reading stories

  • Continue working on reading comprehension skills

  • Improve decoding skills

  • Use decodable passages and books to aid in fluency and comprehension

  • Increase spelling skills

  • Work towards reading fluency

  • Combine SEL with literacy

  • Utilize games and learning activities to enhance learning

2nd and 3rd grade 

  • Practice of standard English grammar (nouns, verbs, pronouns, etc)

  • CVCe, CVC, and VCV word patterns

  • Range of reading and level of text complexity

  • Phonics

  • Word recognition

  • Decoding of syllable words

  • Improve reading fluency

  • Story element analyzation

  • Grammar practice

  • Reading, writing, and literacy comprehension skills

  • Enjoyment of reading

  • Exploring and learning various genres of literacy



Out of School Program benefits:

  • Culturally responsive education
  • Art-infused learning
  • Literacy tutoring
  • 6 week all day summer program
  • Fun Field trips
  • Social + emotional development
  • Behavior intervention
Art Residencies

30K’s Art Residency program is designed to engage students beyond traditional methods of teaching. We focus on what fuels their fire; on issues and topics that matter most. Through projects and experiential learning rooted in African American culture, students use art to discuss social justice and other areas that spark passion. We aim to create the next generation of changemakers by using out-of-the-box, meaningful methods that inspire.

Tech Geeks

Each Monday through Thursday tech geek different cohorts connect to learn and earn $15+ between the hours of 2:30- 6:00pm

30K’s Tech Geeks program provides practical technology education and employment for teenagers living in poverty, with 50% of jobs going to teens involved in the juvenile delinquency system. We help students take control of their futures while expanding the number of African Americans who pursue a career in computer science.

Tech Geeks learn the coding language skills on how to build video games, apps, and websites while developing their portfolios and résumés in the process. We ensure students have a job history on their record to offset their criminal history.

Tech Geeks has moved to mostly in person to offer personal, professional development and training opportunities.



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